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When placing your cookie order, the cost is primarily influenced by the chosen design and the level of detail required. The pricing list serves as a general reference to provide you with an idea.

Upon discussing your order theme and details, a personalized quote will be tailored to your specific requirements. Below are the available pricing packages for cookies, each accompanied by brief descriptions.

It's important to note that these are approximate estimates, and the final price for your order can only be determined through a custom quote!

To request a quote for a specific style, click on the corresponding style below. If you're uncertain about the style, use this Custom Order Inquiry Form for a general quote.

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Basic Style Sample

Basic Cookies

1-2 Designs, up to 2 colors +White

Simple Shapes, No varying textures or dimension work.

Can be used as filler cookies for large orders

$60 per dozen (1 dozen minimum)

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Printed Cookies

Logo / Design printed cookies.

Printed with Edible Ink.

Standard Size Cookies (3 in)

1-2 simple shapes $45 per dozen

(1-Doz Minimum)

Party packs.jpg

Party Packs

3-Mini Sized cookies

packaged in a clear cello bag, with coordinating bow.

$8 per pack (4 packs minimum)

Includes Matching Bow

Groovy Birthday.jpg

Classy Cookie

3-4 Designs, up to 5 colors +White

Most Popular - Can include simple lettering, airbrush minimal floral, and/or printed cookies.

(additional shapes $5.00 each)

$70 per dozen (1 dozen minimum)

Basic Style Sample

Die Cut Print Cookies

Die-cut designs with basic shapes printed cookies.

Printed with Edible Ink.

Standard Size Cookies (3 in)

Up to 4 mix/match shapes

$60 per dozen (1-Doz Min)

School event1.jpg

Favor Packs

Choose your cookie package and add "Favor Bag"/$12 Per Doz

"Favor Box" /$18 Per Doz

Includes Matching Bow or Tie Loop

Jurassic Park Birthday.jpg

WOW Cookie

4-6 Designs, up to 6 colors +White

Includes Classy options, plus detailed florals, handpainting and metallic colors.

(additional shapes $5.00 each)

$85 per dozen (1 dozen minimum)


Mini's Cookies

Mini-Sized cookies - approx 2 - 2.5 inches.  When ordered by the dozen, individually heat sealed.  

Simple designs, limited texture

$30+ per dozen (2-dozen minimum)

Otterly Love you.jpg

Individual Cookies

Starting at $6 per cookie

1 designs, up to 4 colors, 4 inch cookies

Florals, detailed designs, hand painted and metallics, etc...

Packaged in an individual box.

Cookies are individually bagged and heat sealed, then packaged in a Bakery Box.

Signature Vanilla Cookie Flavor

Other cookie flavors - $7.00 per dozen

Chocolate Sugar Cookie

Birthday Cake Funfetti,

Strawberry Lemonade,

Rainbow Sherbet, Cookies N Cream,

Pumpkin Spice, Gingerbread, Snickerdoodle, Peppermint

All items are made in a home kitchen operating under Texas Cottage Food Laws and not subject to state inspection.

My kitchen is not peanut free. Allergens: wheat, dairy. 

Texas Food Handler

Certificate Number 0101617

Signature Vanilla Cookie Flavor

Ingredient List

Cookies:  Flour, sugar, butter, eggs, vanilla emulsion, ​salt, baking powder

Icing:  Powdered sugar, meringue powder, corn syrup, butter vanilla emulsion, natural food coloring

Allergens:  eggs, dairy, wheat

Not made in a nut free kitchen

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